CALGARY, ALBERTA–( – June 15, 2011) – Directors of Calgary Alpine SnoFlyers, Calgary Alpine Racing Club and FAST Alpine Ski Club are pleased to announce the continued affiliation, partnership, and further integration of the three ski programs for the 2011/2012 ski season.

Under the program direction of Brett Zagozewski, Calgary Alpine now presents coaching and athletics offering ski programs for all age categories.

  • Calgary Alpine SnoFlyers offers a Nancy Greene & Kinder Development programs for ages 5 to 10 years.
  • FAST offers the K1 program and the ever popular Jumps, Bumps & Turns for ages 11 to 16 years.
  • CARC offers K2, FIS and Junior programs for ages 13 and over.

“The new organization channels the best of the three programs, providing the most compelling alpine skiing product on the market in Alberta.” commented Brett.

This organizational solution will better serve both athletes and the parents who have supported each of our programs in the past and will establish a club structure that will be sustainable well into the future. Our mandate is to provide an inclusive, friendly, affordable alpine ski club that offers programs which cater to all of our athletes and their competitive and even non-competitive aspirations.

The combined strengths of our club will enable us to offer an exceptional alpine skiing environment where our kids can compete and have fun and where the members and everyone involved can be proud to be a part of the Calgary Alpine family.

Calgary Alpine SnoFlyers, FAST Alpine Ski Club and Calgary Alpine Racing Club are Alberta-based, non-profit associations headquartered in Calgary and skiing out of Nakiska.


Ross Turner
Calgary Alpine Racing Club