The Snoflyers is a newer organization created in order to meet the growing needs of our important group of young skiers. Calgary Alpine recognized that the Nancy Greene program needed special attention and an identity of its own. To meet this need, the Snoflyers was created. The Calgary Alpine Snoflyers parallels the developmental approach identified by Alpine Canada Alpin in the Long term Athlete Development Plan (Aim 2 Win).  By creating the Snoflyers, efforts have been focused on trying to ensure that the right athletic development is occurring at the right time for our young skiers.

Alpine Canada Alpin recognizes that athletic development occurs in phases and that it is important to tailor age appropriate programs.  The Snoflyers focus is FUNdementals and its programs will help encourage active participation in ski racing by focusing on mastering fundamental movement skills, agility, balance, co-ordination, motor development, flexibility, and on simple rules and ethics of sport.  Ideally, within the Nancy Greene programs, your child will not only become a better skier but will learn: Ski safety, co-operation, independence, listening skills, self confidence, goal setting, group/ peer learning and focus. Within the Snoflyers there are three different programs:

Features Bears
4 – 7 yrs
Nancy Greene U12
8 – 11 yrs
Kinder Development U10
8 – 9 yrs
Price $1,200* $1,400* $2,650*
Days On Snow 17 20 45
3 Day Christmas Camp check check check
Year End Club Day check check check
Tons of Fun!! check check check
Fall Dryland No Np check
Ski Pass No No No

* Discounts available for early enrollment.
* Not including registration fees.
** Not including race account deposit.

For more information regarding Calgary Alpine SnoFlyers Programs please contact the Calgary Alpine Program and Technical Director.